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Hello and welcome to my homepage. Here you can find some links to projects that I'm working on in my free time and I find them interesting.

Beside programming projects I'm also spending some time with photography (IG at the bottom), music (piano and ukulele but my skills are very bad) and as volunteer at Industrial Railway & Industrial Museum at Mladejov na Morave.



MARK-II is soft core CPU written in VHDL. It is my main project, with very wide range of "sub projects". For example: assembler, FPGA board, peripherals, compiler and so on.

Although this project is a bit abandoned last few years, I still counting with it and going to work on it after m2tools will be usable.


Project m2tools is consist of retargetable toolchain for RISC/MIPS like CPU architectures. It contain assembler, linker, archiver and several other utilities.

Originally this toolchain was intended for MARK-II project. But spending so much time on this I decided to make it independent.


Is simple ansi C framework useless? No, it isn't! Well, at least when you are creating your own CPU architectures and porting some real framework is mission impossible.

This library was supposed to be used in m2tools project, to implement common tasks like linked list and so on. But it also grew into independent project as I used it a lot in various everyday utilities.